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Jobs in Emarat Petroleum Dubai

By Teejaymny 0 Comment April 2, 2019

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We provided More Fresher Worldwide jobs . is an online jobs blog site that helps most companies disseminate jobs vacancies in their company. Here you can find job opportunities around the World by searching through thousands of vacancy listings or browsing job offers classified by industry.
We are not an employment agency we merely offer and guide people how to get jobs.employers have opportunity to post a free vacancy listing on our website and allow job seekers to effectively find the posted job offer and apply for that position.
GulfTalent is the leading online recruitment portal in the Middle East, used by over 7 million experienced professionals from all sectors and job categories. It serves as the primary source of both local and expatriate talent to over 9,000 of the largest employers and recruitment agencies across the region.
Founded in 2005, the company has transformed the region’s online recruitment landscape through its innovative approaches as well as its relentless obsession with quality and excellence.

GulfTalent is run by a seasoned team of young professionals with diverse backgrounds across different industries, including technology, finance, sales and recruitment. The team also brings together a wealth of international experience across four continents.
Emarat’s success depends on the quality of our people. We have a policy of training nationals and encouraging development within the organization. We prioritize job satisfaction and self-development and have a progressive, ongoing program of training for staff at all levels.

We now employ more than 500 staff in our administrative personnel and support teams, while a further 1,000 people maintain our network of services

There are many career opportunities within, from positions as service station attendants to mechanics and managers. We are committed to providing a good working environment and offer an excellent package of staff benefits.

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