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Russia Offer Employment Opportunities – Apply Now

By Teejaymny 0 Comment April 3, 2019

About Jobs in Russia
Are you looking for jobs in Russia? This guide will give you tips on how to find jobs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, what the employment field is like, how to get Russian work permits and where to find jobs in Russia for English speakers.

Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Its landscape ranges from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches. It’s famous for Moscow’s Bolshoi and St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky ballet companies.

Major industries: oil, natural gas, metals (particularly steel) and timber. Other large industries include manufacturing, defence, electronics, IT outsourcing, mobile technology, banking and the service sector.
Industries in decline: traditional farming and textiles.
Shortage occupations: transport, construction, IT, engineering and teaching.
Major companies: Gazprom, Rosneft, LukOil, Surgutneftegas, Novatek (all oil and gas operations), Sberbank and VTB Banks (regional banks), Transneft (oil services and equipment), Sistema (telecommunications), Norilsk Nickel (diversified metals and mining).

Russia has diverse employment opportunities and expats are often the best-paid professionals. According to The HSBC Expat Economics Survey 2014, expats who work in Russia are ranked 13th in the list of highest gross income earners.

Working in Moscow and St. Petersburg has been a viable choice for those who look to gain experience in the construction and energy sectors.


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